Ensayos Audiovisuales: Matt Zoller Seitz

[ por: Andrés Daly ]

Aca vá una selección de video essays del fundador y editor del adictivo blog The House Next Door. «Quentin Tarantino en sus propias palabras, el arte del travelling de seguimiento, las locaciones (casas, edificios, bases en el espacio) más terroríficas de todos los tiempos, y finalmente visiones del mundo del director urbano Michael Mann, en dos de sus partes. Puedes ver más de sus video-ensayos en L Magazine.

¿Matt quién?: «Since 1995, Matt Zoller Seitz has been film critic of NYPress and a TV critic and columnist for The Newark Star-Ledger and Newhouse Newspapers. His articles on film, TV and popular culture have appeared in The New York Times, Newsday, IFC Rant, Scenario Magazine, Details, Sound and Vision, Forbes FYI and Dallas Observer, where he was a film critic and feature writer from 1991-1995. In 1994, while working at the Observer, Seitz was named one of two finalists for the Pulitzer prize in criticism.

In 2002, Seitz became an independent moviemaker, coproducing, storyboarding and serving as a second unit director on Tinsel Town, a super-low-budget crime thriller shot on locations throughout northern New Jersey. In 2002 and 2003, Seitz wrote, directed and edited his own feature, the romantic drama Home, which will be released theatrically and on DVD in 2006. He is adapting a detective novel as a followup feature and preparing to shoot a visionary science fiction short titled The Coolest Toy in the World, based on a short story first published in NYPress.» Fuente.


1. On the Creepy Alluring Art of the Follow Shot

2. Quentin Tarantino in His Own Words (con Keith Ulrich)

3. Enter at Your Own Risk: The Scariest Movie Locations of All Time

4. Zen Pulp: The World of Michael Mann, Pt. 2—Lifetime subscriptions: Michael Mann’s honor-bound individualists

5. Zen Pulp: The World of Michael Mann, Pt. 3—I’m looking at you, miss: The women of Mann

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