Diseñando el Imaginarium

[ por: Andrés Daly ]

Acá van algunos diseños originales de Dave Warren y Terry Gilliam para El Imaginario del Dr. Parnassus, la última película (actualmente en cines) del director de «12 monos», «Pánico y Locura en las Vegas», «Tideland», «Brazil» y «Monty Python y el Caliz Sagrado».

Terry had put an awful lot of energy, specifically mental energy, into coming up with this very particular wagon with its theatre built into one side of it. So an awful amount of time had to be put in to get the thing working right due to the size of it, do its proportions feel right, does it work visually? Stylistically the wagon is very much him. I remember when I first got the script, I went away and scribbled a wagon looking at references: pantechnicons from the Victorian circus and fairgrounds, things like that. I came in and had the conversation with Terry and he said: these are all great, but this is what I want. Terry had produced this wonderful pencil sketch before any of us got anywhere near the project – and that’s basically the wagon you see in the film.

To me, it resembles a tall Egyptian pylon that you’d see at Karnak. Other people say it reminds them of a ship, or a medieval siege tower, but it’s certainly nothing you have ever seen before in London. Apart from something you might get from the mind of Terry.

Todas las imágenes son de Dreams, el excelente fanzine online sobre Terry Gilliam, de Phil Stubbs. Este link incluye una entrevista que él realizó a Warren sobre el trabajo con Gilliam.

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